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Integrated Solar Heating

Durango Integrated Solar Heating

CastleRock Solor House

Fuel conservation is essential at today’s high energy costs. With the addition of a Hydronic solar heating system integrated into the space heating system, LeGrand Construction’s homes provide the comfort of infloor heating and drastically reduced energy bills.
Each solar system is custom designed by one of the foremost solar heating engineers in the country, utilizing advanced Tekmar controls, a high-efficiency on-demand boiler and high-efficiency Hydronic solar panels.

Active Solar System in Durango

This is an integrated solar heating system I worked on in 2009.

The above schematic shows the integration of solar collectors into a boiler-heated Hydronic system. Heated water from the solar collectors is maintained in an insulated storage tank of 500 to 1,500 gallons, size depending on how large a system is desired. This is approximately 500K to 1.5M BTUs of energy. With this much available heating capacity the boiler becomes secondary to the solar system, with the majority of space heating done by the solar panels. System efficiency is maintained by sensors that continually feed information to the controller.